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     Jawad Traders 

     About this company : we sell hand made jewelery, carpets, copper & brassware stuff.  

     Contact : Muhammad Jawadullah, Cheif Executive 
     Headquarters : 80 asad anwar colony, gulbahar no.2, peshawar, n.w.f.p, 25000, Pakistan
     Phone : 092-091-03018949591, Fax : 092-091-2563891 
     Email : Log on to trade instantly

     pandant pandant

silver pandant with colored glass
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     afghani carpet afghani carpet

hand made pakistani carpets availible in all sizes.
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     bangle bangle

hand made silver bangle.
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     bangle bangle

hand made silver bangle
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     Carpet Carpet

hand made carpet
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     carpet carpet

hand made carpet.
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     casserols and frying pans casserols and frying pans

hand made copper frying pans and casserols
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     Chobi  Chobi

hand made chob-rang carpet made up of best wool vegetabel dye colors
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     christmis angels christmis angels

hand made copper candle stands.
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     Copper Glasses Copper Glasses

hand made copper glasses.
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     Cum  Cum

hand made Cum 100% silk.
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     english candle stands english candle stands

hand made candle stands.
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     mangolian hotpot mangolian hotpot

handmade copper hotpot.
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     moon stone necklace moon stone necklace

china jewlery with aurtificial gems.
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     Mugs Mugs

hand made copper mugs.
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     necklace necklace

handmade silver necklace
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     samawar bucket shape samawar bucket shape

hand made copper samawar bucket shape.
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     spoon set spoon set

hand made copper spoon set.
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     Surahi kabuli Surahi kabuli

hand made surahi.
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     teapot round kashmiri teapot round kashmiri

hand made teapot.
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     teapot shalghami kashmiri teapot shalghami kashmiri

hand made copper teapot
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     Teapot thabbi kashmiri Teapot thabbi kashmiri

hand made copper teapot.
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     Tray Tray

hand made copper trays.
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     water pot water pot

hand made copper waterpot with kashmiri cut.
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