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     Qingdao Shenniu Waterproof Building Materials Co.,LTD 

     About this company : Qing Dao Shenniu Waterproof Building Materials Co.,Ltd. is located in International Airport Industrial Zones, Qing Dao ,Shan Dong province with convenient traffic and advantageous geographical position which brings limitless opportunities for business and great potentialities for development. Our company on a large scale with gross investment of more than 2.4million USD has a function as mainstay in producing high polymer waterproof materials and production line and providing accessories and technical services to customers. Our company is a professional waterproof enterprise integrating with research, development, manufacture and sales into a whole. We have been innovating and developing new-type waterproof materials and production facilities by adopting advanced technology from the practical experience of production. According to the demands for high polymer waterproof materials at international market now, we have researched and developed: high polymer polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof rolls line、PVC&TPO waterproof sheets production line . broad-width geomembrane line 、PU waterproof coatings and low-polymerized PU waterproof coatings production line、machine of multi-function blowing membrane、TPS high polymer waterproof sheets production line、Automatic healing high polymer waterproof sheets production line and a serial of high polymer waterproof materials of new type .We have all the necessary measuring equipments and perfect quality certification system. With the aim of “seeking development by innovation and survival by quality’’ and the objective of “innovation, devotion and down-to-earth approach’’, we have established research center for waterproofing machinery and research institute for waterproof materials, making the high polymer waterproof materials perfectible! Our commitment to quality offers the best in products and services.

     Contact : Glandy xu, internationaltrade department 
     Headquarters : No.1 Changjiang Road,Chengyang Dist, Qingdao, Shandong, 266108, China
     Phone : 86-0532-87725950, Fax : 86-0532-87726218 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Mixer Mixer 009

The mixer is mainly found in mixing of resin such as PE, PP, PVC, EVA or in drying of materials. Characteristics High automatization, well blend, easy operating, low noise.
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     Breaking plant Breaking plant 005

The machine is applied to make scraps such as PE polypropylene fibre or Dacron, PE membrane PVC, TPS, ECB sheets into granules for reuse. Technical Parameters Power: 35 Kw Max productivity : 80~100kg/h Measurement: 8m length, 0.65m width, 0.85m height.
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     Equipment for Geomembrane Equipment for Geomembrane

Equipment Description LDPE,HDPE,EVA & PP membranes can be extruded with the plant. With characteristics of smooth surface, stable performance,excellent durability and firm borund, the products conform to the national standards of GB/T17643-1998. Characteristics High automaticity, low power consumption , easy operating, high yield.
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     Equipment for High polymer polyethene fiber waterproofing sheets Equipment for High polymer polyethene fiber waterproofing sheets 006

Equipment Description Have been melted into molten state, the PE,PP,EVA or ECB granules are extruded into membrane.With the flat and straight extrusion die of the equipment, followed by polypropylene fiber or Dacron affixed on the core membrane .With the characteristics of stable performance and excellent durability, the product conforms to the national standards of GB18173.1-2000. Characteristics High automaticity , low power consumption, low cost , high yield , less manual labor . Technical Parameter Model Rated power(kw) Output(kg/h) Size length×width×height Specification product Waterproofing sheets produced with the plant Thickness(mm) Width(mm) A-1 90 100-120 13.8 × 2 × 2 0.20-1.80 1000-1800 PE polypropylene fibre or Dacron sheets, PE geomembrane,ECBgeomembrane A-2 85 80-100 12.8 × 1.8 × 2 0.20-1.50 1000-1500 PE polypropylene fibre or Dacron sheets, PE geomembrane A-3 72 60-80 11.8 × 1.7 × 2 0.20-1.50 1000-1150 PE polypropylene fibre or Dacron sheets
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     Equipment for PVC waterproof sheets Equipment for PVC waterproof sheets 008

Equipment Description PVC,TPO or TPS waterproofing sheets can be extruded with the plant by adding asistants into polyvinyl chloride resin,ethyene-propylene rubber or polyethylene resin to provide flexibility, smoothness and stability,conforming to the national standards of GB12953-2003&GB18173.1-2000.JS3. It is controlled by comprter and easy to operate because of high automaticity. Applications of product Products with lifespan of more than 30 years , high-class waterproofing sheets at present ,are mainly found in perpetual structure such as roof ,basement , rubbish treatment as excellent barrier to the passage of liquid water and water vapor . TPS sheet has an edge over other waterproofing sheets that it can be installed in spite of the moist ground.
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     Geomembrane Geomembrane

Product description This product is extruded Pemembrane formed by adding anti-oxidant , absorbent of ultraviolet light and dyistuff into HDPE, LDPEor EVAand will provede an effective barrier to liquid water and water vapor . Characteristics ·HDPE performs well in mechanical properties, ageing-resistance, climate-resistance and resistance to puncture . ·LDPE & EVA feathers great elongation ,good flexibility at low temperature ,softness and easy installation . ·ECB, high –class waterproofing rolls ,is formed by combining ethylene polymer with oil-resin.
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     High polymer polyethylene fiber waterproof sheets High polymer polyethylene fiber waterproof sheets

Product Description This product is composed of extruded Pemembrane with polypropyene fiber or Dacron covered on both sides of the core membrane as reinforced layer to make it big friction and easy to be stuck firmly to the concrete. With characteristics of easy onstallation,no pollution and and good durability,it is greatly popular now in use in China to protect building against moisture from the ground and can be installed in spite of the moist ground . Technical Specifications The product is available in rolls having different widths ranging from 1.15m to 1.50m and thickness from 0.5mm to 1.5mmlor and length of the sheets are available to order .
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     PVC PVC

Product Description PVCwaterproofing rolls formulas are based upon polyvinyl chloride resin with other assistants added to provide flexibility and stability such as anti-oxidant ,absorbent ,absorbent of ultraviolet light,plasticizer and plastic filling agent . Characteristics ·With high tensile strength and elongation ,the products allow substrate to move with change in the temperature without cracks . ·The rolls available in broad width can be welded by hot-air with high efficiency and are easy to repair and maintain even after many years. ·Good vapor diffusion ,easy discha·rge of condensate and moisture from the ground ·Root-proof ,chemical-resistance & ageing-resistance ·climate-resistance: flexibility at -20°C & no folwing at high temperature ·cold and easy installation ,high mechanization during the process of the installation
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     TPO waterproof sheets TPO waterproof sheets 007

TPO waterproof sheets are the most popular waterproof materials in the world at present. It’s thermoplastic elastomeric waterproof materials by adopting advanced polymerization together with squeeze technology,which perform well in mechanical properties, high tensile strength,oxidation-resistance and resistance to puncture.
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     TPS waterproofing rolls TPS waterproofing rolls

Product Description TPS, a kind of high-class waterproofing sheets at present ,is formed by adding dyestuff and other assistants into oil-resin and ethylene rubber to provide oxidation-resistance,ageing-resistance and softness. Characteristics The product is featured by good ageing-resistance ,high tensile strength, great elongation, no pollution and easy installation ,It has an edge over other waterproofing sheets that it can be installed in spite of the moist ground and that protective layer over the sheets is unnecessary .
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