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     About this company : As Bayram Vakum Yogurt Sanayi , we are a manufacturer and exporter company specializing in sour cherry nectar, peach nectar and fruit-yogurt in Turkey. Our company has got a ISO 9002-2000 Quality Management Systems and HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critic Control Point programs. Accordingly, we would like to enter into business relations with you. Our Products; Nectar -Sour Cherry Nectar -Peach Nectar Fruit-Yogurt -Berry-Yogurt (4*40 gr) -Banana-Yogurt (4*40 gr) Ayran (200 gr,300 gr,1 lt) In order to give you a general idea of our sour cherry nectar, peach nectar and fruit-yogurt goods. In the enclosure, you will find our products catolog. Our aim is to meet the requirements of our customers in the most appropriate way and time. Besides our current products, we also accept all kinds of OEM projects in accordance with customized request. In case you are interested in our company and products portfolio, we would be happy to contact you and send any further information regarding the specifications and quotations of the products. Quotations will be sent to you upon receipt of your detailed enquiries. We will be glad to work with your valuable company in all conditions. We are looking forward with interest to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully,

     Headquarters : akcaabat, trabzon, merkez, 61040, Turkey
     Phone : +905324775256, Fax : +904622230153 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     sour cherry juice sour cherry juice 01

sour cherry juice %35 bx
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     olive oil olive oil 01

Free acidity (expressed as oleic acid): Not more than 0.8% Peroxide value (mEq of active oxygen per kg oil): Less than or equal to 20 Iodine value: 75-94
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     peach juice peach juice 02

peach juice %45 bx
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     Yogurt, Ayran Yogurt, Ayran 03

Turkish ayran
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