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     About this company : We are professional manufacturers in China of hundreds of varieties of cutting discs, just to name a few, Diamond saw blades, Laser welded saw blade, Brazed saw blade, Hot-pressed diamond saw blade, Cold-pressed diamond saw blade, Cup grinding wheels, Diamond core bits, Tuck point saw blade, Resin grinding wheel and T.C.T circular saw blade, tools kit, etc. All these come in various specifications in meeting the professional demand. Our products are widely applied in cutting and trimming the following materials and substances: reinforced concrete, metal alloys, wooden timer and laminated plywood, glazed tiles, bricks and mosaics, marble, slate and granite, resins and plastics, in fields of machinery, construction and decoration, furniture-making and furbishing, etc. The annual production capacity of diamond cutting discs exceeds 5 million pieces (diameters range from 80mm through 350mm, there are segmented discs, continuous rimmed discs, turbo and corrugated discs). We have enough experience in selling our products in worldwide market, particularly in regions of Europe, America and Middle East. Thanks to our effort, both of the staff and the productive workers, which results in high quality products, we are boosting our business energetically.

     Contact : Ruby Hoo, sales manager 
     Headquarters : NO.156, JINLING WEST ROAD, DANYANG, JIANGSU, 212300, China
     Phone : 86-511-6985913, Fax : 86-511-6882631  
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     T.C.T. circular tipped saw blade T.C.T. circular tipped saw blade YHCT-03

Sawblade for cross cutting onhard woods, exotic woods, chipboard and laminated panels on one side only up to30mm with excellent finish. For cutting with medium finish on Formica sheets. Use on table saws
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     diamond core bits diamond core bits YHCB-03

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     Diamond cup grinding wheels Diamond cup grinding wheels YHCW-02

(Sintered / brazed) segmented double row cup wheel
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     diamond cutting discs diamond cutting discs YHS-13

Cold pressed-segmented saw blade
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     diamond saw blade diamond saw blade YHS-14

Cold pressed segmented saw blade
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     T.C.T. ripping saw blade with anti-kick back design T.C.T. ripping saw blade with anti-kick back design YHTCT-04

Sawblade for ripping dry softwoods and hardwoods up to 60mm thick with loose knots. Long life saw blade with excellent results. Use on multirip machines or talbe saws
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