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     binzhou dachang biology technology co., ltd 

     About this company : Dachang biology technology Co., Ltd. (Its predecessor was Dachang development for farming Ltd.,hereinafter “Dachang biology”) has already passed by its progress of 14 years since its beginning construction Dachang Farming development Co. from 1992. The main businesses are mariculture, feedstuff production and sale. Dachang biology is on Yellow River Delta Economy Development Area of Shandong province, east of Bo Sea. There is highly convenient traffic. Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Hongkong railway pass through and Qingdao open port and airdrome are nearby. Dachang biology technology Co., Ltd. registered capital is 10 million RMB Yuan. The company has several million dollars importation turnover and a hundred million export turnover respectively. The company has obtained ISO 9002 and ISO9004 Quality System authorization, and was regarded as flag Ship Company of this field. The company has many technicians including of 2 doctors, 4 masters in this specialty. There are 97 personnel 67% of whom have bachelor degree. The main products are Corn Gluten Meal (Powdery or Granule),Pease Albumen Powder, Soybean Phosphorus Fat Powder, Protein Concentrate (feed grade), Fat Powder, Peptone, Degrease Fishmeal and so on. The throughputs every year are 10 thousand tons of Powdery Corn Gluten Meal, 17 thousand tons of Granule Corn Gluten Meal, 23 thousand tons of Biology Feedstuff Granule, 5 thousand tons of Powdery Rice Gluten Meal, 3 thousand tons of Fat Powder and other materials about 50 thousand tons. The company has advanced research and development, excellent equipments and scientific proof-test techniques and rigorous product quality control system. All of these could ensure the steady product quality .The products could satisfy the need of customers from all over the world, 90% of which are sold to East Asian, Southeast Asian, Middle East, European and American countries, and lots of customers have affirmed and admired the quality. Dachang biology keeps to the tenet--“Harmoniousness, sincerity,diligence, innovation”. We take full advantage of our natural resources, upgrade our products and extend our market all along. Our company would like to hand in hand with businessman and other range of people home and abroad and create a bright future altogether.

     Contact : xin weihua 
     Headquarters : No12 Center street Wudi Country, wudi, shandong, 251900, China
     Phone : 86-543-2157009, Fax : 86-543-2257999 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Degrease fishmeal Degrease fishmeal

Name:Degrease fishmeal(best quality)
Country of Origin:Rongcheng Shangdong China
Standard Met:ZB/T19177-2005
Specifications:Coarse protein≥64% fat≤8% Moisture ≤10% Salt≤4% ash≤17%

About this product:
Product brief introduction:
The fish powder is to take fish of ti or cod( fish head, fish tail, fish fin, internal organs...etc.)s as the raw materials, the animal feed that make into after steam to boil, squeeze, dry, smash.

Product advantage:
Adopt the modern processing technology, pass by high-quality sea fish to steam to boil, squeeze, dry, smash etc. the procedure is refined but become.Various quantity index signs all attain or exceed the special grade fishing powder index sign of the nation standard provision, the fishing's powder has the quantity stability credibility, the fresh degree is good, the fishing powder flavor is heavy, the protein content is high, easy decomposition, easy digest, easy absorption of characteristics.

Packing: packed with 40kg 50kg woven bags
Export Markets:Global
Payment Details: Irrevocable L/C at sight and T/T
Min order:25ton
Ship Date: in five days

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