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     MAT S.A. Craiova 

     About this company : S. C. MAT S.A. Craiova is one of the first Romanian manufacturing companies specialized in producing universal tractors, farm implements and other agricultural machinery, tools, installations , equipment , as well as in building big tractors destined for earth – moving operations and land reclamation.---------- Our company is located on the largest East industrial platform area of Craiova city, where have been created excellent conditions for the proper connection to the electrical, water, thermal and natural gases networks. The internal factory modern railways and roads system provides the direct access to the national networks of railways and motor roads. ---------- The manufactured implements of the company, respectively : furrow and disc ploughs, subs-soilers, cultivators, disc harrows, rotary hoes, shredders, seed drills (sowings), spreaders for manure and chemical fertilizers, herbicide sprayers, diverse trailers, implements specially combined for carrying out more than one operation per passage, agricultural universal tractors or tractors for industrial and land reclamation purpose, the other equipment , installations or components for agriculture , are for long time tried and carefully tested into MAT’ s testing fields, under the hardest working conditions, in order to be sure that all these manufactured implements of the company are suitable for different customers requirements and to the international standards in the field. ---------- The quality of the manufactured products of MAT S.A. Craiova is in fully conformity with the European standards. The company will continue also in the next future its precious tradition in order to develop and assimilate new products in entirely accordance with the quality demands of the international standards in the field, demonstrating once again, its high adaptability and versatility as per the customer requests - the key of success in the development of the state-of-arts quality and unanimous appreciated products.

     Contact : Cristian Irimescu, Export Representative 
     Headquarters : Decebal Av. No.111, Craiova, Dolj, 200746, Romania
     Phone : 00-40-251-436889, Fax : 00-40-251-436889 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Universal Plough with Disks  Universal Plough with Disks PDU2,PDU3, PDU4

UNIVERSAL PLOUGH WITH 2 DISKS PDU2 Destination: This two disks plough, type PDU2, is destined for ploughings on plane grounds into soft and abrasive soils as well as into outrooted grounds with a great percentage of abrasive materials. These universal ploughs with 2 disks are carried and work together with the wheeled tractors of 45 H.P, equipped with lifter and hydraulic system of automatically thrust limitation. UNIVERSAL PLOUGH WITH 3 DISKS PDU3 Destination: The universal plough with 3 disks is destined for ploughings at maximum working depth of 25 cm in soft (easy) and abrasive soils, being carried by wheeled tractors of 60 -80 H.P UNIVERSAL PLOUGH WITH 4 DISKS PDU4 Destination: The universal plough with 4 disks PDU4 type is carried by wheeled tractors of 60 -80 H.P, being destined to perform ploughings of maximum 25 cm depth, into soft and abrasive soils.
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COMBINED AGGREGATE FOR PREPARING THE GERMINATIVE BED ROTOMAT 3000 Destination: This combined aggregate is used for preparing the germinative bed at one passage, on ploughing land or stubble field, being able to perform the splitting and/or soil loosening on maximum 25 cm depth, and preparing the germinated bed on maximum 12 cm depth. It is endowed with the possibility of attachment of sowing equipment, simultaneously with the preparing of the germinated bed. The aggregate works with the wheeled tractors of 180-240 HP, on plain soil or with 6 degrees slope, having three-point linkage hydraulic lifter of ISO III category.
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HEAVY DUTY DISK HARROW SUPERDISC 640; 740 Destination: This heavy disk harrow of 6.4/7.4 meters width, with 2 pliable batteries in "V" for roads transportation facility, is used for preparing the germinative bed after ploughing and harvesting weeding cultures in medium and large fields. It prepares the germination bed for further sowing. Tractor power (HP) 150 – 210 (GDG 6.4) Tractor power (HP) 180 – 240 (GDG 7.4)
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SOWING WITH PNEUMATICAL DISTRIBUTION MULTIGRAIN 5000 Destination: The sowing machine with air distribution MULTIGRAIN 5000 is used for sowing cereals, technical and fodder plants. It is a sowing machine with a higher precision then those of classical sowing, with central proportioner / dosage measurement of seeds and air transportation of seeds towards the shares, throughout an air flow. The adjustment of seeds flow per hectare is made by the linear removal of alveolus rotor, through an adjustable screw. The distribution of seeds is made by a centralized distribution air system. It is used on ploughed fields, ready for sowing operation, with a maximum slope of 6 degrees, working in aggregate with wheel tractors of 65 / 80 / 100 / 120 H.P which have a three-point linkage device, ISO II.
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     UNIVERSAL TRACTOR UNIVERSAL TRACTOR T 045 - 1U / 4U (w/o or with cabin)

UNIVERSAL TRACTOR T 045 - 1U / 4U (w/o or with cabin) Destination: This 2WD universal agricultural tractor is designed for base soil works (ploughing, disking) as well as for sowing and crops maintenance works (tillage, herbicidation). This tractor can work together with carried, half carried and trailed agricultural machinery, having three-point linkage lifter, ISO I and II.
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