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     Quartz Link Inc 

     About this company : QLI is a leading supplier of fused quartz products for a wide range of application. QLI can supply various sizes of clear and translucent quartz tubes, quartz rods, quartz plates and other quartz ware with high quality and competitive prices. After more than 20 years dedication in the Quartz industry, QLI have successfully developed high performance quartz products and have obtained tens of patents in fused quartz industry like Twin bore tubing, Ruby red tubing, etc. In addition to supply large extensive line of standard quartz products, QLI is a leader in manufacturing customer designed products to specialized market. QUARTZ LINK IS YOUR RELIABLE QUARTZ SOURCE! If you are interested in our products, please visit our listings for further rmation. Any inquiries, please be free to login MarginUp Trade and Forum.

     Contact : Joanna He, Business Development Mgr. 
     Headquarters : No.190,Lane 1155,Xinsong road, shanghai, 201612, China
     Phone : +86 21 6316 7205, Fax : +86 21 6316 7206 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     quartz tubing quartz tubing 1

QUARTZ TUBING contains Lamp tubing; heater/dryer tubing; high performance series and special tubing four sections:

Type QL110:Normal transparent Quartz Tubing
Type QL120:Ozone-Free Quartz Tubing
Type QL130:UV-stop Quartz Tubing
Type QL140:Low Hydroxyl (OH)- Quartz Tubing

APPLICATION: HID lamps; Mercury lamps; Quartz Halogen lamps; Metal halide lamps ;Ultraviolet lamps; Germicidal/Sterilization Lamps; Automotive lamps; Thermocouples ;Semiconductor quartz ware ;Quartz Fabrication

2.HIGH PERFORMANCE SERIES Type QL610:HIGH PERFORMANCE QUARTZ TUBING .With high Purity of above 99.99% SiO2 content. Match GE 214.

Type QL620: HIGH PERFORMANCE QUARTZ RODS.Made from imported silica sands.With perfect thermal resistance.Match GE 214 Rod.

Type QL630:HIGH PERFORMANCE QUARTZ PLATES.High purity of SiO2 content above 99.999%.Made from synthetic quartz ingots with perfect properties.Match GE 124.

3.HEATER/DRYER TUBING Type QL210:Translucent Quartz Tubing

APPLICATION: Infrared Heaters; Immersion Heaters; Electric Heaters; Quartz Fabrication

4.SPECIAL TUBING ⅠType QL510:Twin Bore Tubing .Sizes available:33mmx16mm,30mmx15mm,23mmx11mm,22mmx11mm,17mmx8mm. Length: ≤4000mm Application: Infrared Heaters ⅡType QL520: Ruby Red Quartz Tubing Sizes available:19mmx16mm, 12mmx10mm, 10mmx8mm Application: Infrared emitters, Dryers ⅢType QL530: Precision Bore Tubing

Type available: Rectangular, Square, Fan-shaped, Triangle. Application: Boiler instrument

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