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     About this company : Lacquer ware is one of the traditional Chinese handicraft. It was decorated in the Palace during the Qin and Han Dynasty, the main products include screen, furniture, decoration and table. The lacquer ware was prosperous during the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It was made of first-class wood (such as white birch, red pine) and superior paint -- raw lacquer(Raw lacquer is moisture-proof, resistant to acid and heat). Xi'an is the homeland of the lacquer ware, and Qibaoge has carried on the traditional heritage, using natural color stones from Shoushan and Qintian Mountains, as well as precious corals, jade, agate and seashells, to flat-inlay、trace and paint on the lacquer ware. For screen there are seat screen, six-piece screen and four-piece screen. For tables there are round table, oval table, dinning table. For cabinets there are antique cabinet, four-happiness cabinets and vase-cabinet. For small decoration there are table screen, hanging screen and small screen. The products are of artistic and practical values and sell well all over the word.

     Contact : lulu na, Sales Mamager 
     Headquarters : No 2 Zhuque Road, XI'AN, shaanxi, 710061, China
     Phone : 86-29-87763299, Fax : 86-29-85401636 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Five-Piece screen antique Five-Piece screen antique

Name : Four-Piece screen
Size: 72*80 Inch
Main material: Red Pine, Jad,e Natural Lacquerware

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