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     Shanghai Hong Yun Tea Co.,Ltd 

     About this company : Established in 1997, the Company has been specializing in producing, creating and marketing a large variety of high qaulity teas for customers in over 30 countries. Our vision is to provide added value for our customers by promoting and promising the best of Chinese tea culture to enhance their tea business. We do this by supplying consistent high quality teas, creating innovative new teas, providing excellent customer service and expertise, paying special attention to shipment control, and enhancing our position at the forefront of international tea markets. We are grateful to our 265 workers for their dedicated work in our tea farm and factorybined with excellence in management, annual growth in business is significant. Tea materials and finished teas are all stored carefully in special warehouses. Stock orders can be shipped within 24 hours. From a small pouch to a metric ton container, the Company offers a diverse choice of packing possibilities. If you want a single source of the freshest, high quality teas with maximum comfort and satisfaction, think of us as your ‘cup of tea’!

     Contact : Eileen Zhang, sales 
     Headquarters : (A) 906, No.1060 Jin Shajiang Rd., Shanghai, 200062, China
     Phone : 86-21-52658898, Fax : 86-21-52658868 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     jasmine tea jasmine tea

We are happy to offer you this flavor of jasmine tea. This tea is made up of young leaves which create this tea outstanding sweetness while still delivering a distinctly Jasmine flavor. We manufacture this tea for its fragrant presentation and low pricing.
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     artistic tea artistic tea

We are happy to offer you this amazing flavor of artistic flower tea. This tea is made up of fine tea leaves, sweet osmanthus, and jasmine flowers. It is really a modern tea pleasant to mouth and eye as well.
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     black tea black tea

Keemun Black Tea of China is famous in the world. This black tea has been famous in the world since the 1800. Besides being widely used in English breakfast teas, premium quality Keemun Black Tea has long been a favorite of celebrities. We carry different grades of black teas as well as premium Keemun Black Teas. Please contact us for a complete list of selections and prices of our black teas which will help you save a lot.
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     chunmee tea 9371 chunmee tea 9371

Chunmee, obtaining its name from the curve of the processed beautiful leaf that resembles young girl's finely formed eyebrow, is a main species of green tea specially produced in China. The fine eyebrow-shaped leaves produce a clear, yellow-greenish brew with a distinctive sweet, plum-like flavor.

It is widely popular in Middle East, Africa, and some other countries. Also we have all types of Chunmee tea in bulk or in a great rang of package, chunmee 9371, 9370, 9369, 9368, 9367, 9366, 41022, etc. And gunpowder tea 3505, etc. They have all seen a large export volume from our factory.

For more details ,please login MarginUp Trade and Forum.

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     green tea green tea

Green teas, the earliest form of tea, are processed without oxidation. Prized for centuries for their health benefits, China green teas are becoming a most favored drink and suitable to any diet with its richful aroma. The green teas we supply are available in a great range of style and flavor. The top grades reflect thousands of years of refinement to what can be considered an art form. The chief varieties of Green Tea are Special Chunmee, Gunpowder. Special favorites are Long (Dragon well), Bi Luo Chun, Mao Feng, Mist Cloud Tea, Liu An Gua Pian, Taiping Houkui, Fire Jade tea...And the teas of distinction have enjoyed a ready market and a high reputation in the world market.

All green teas we supply are hand picked and stir parched in small batches at each stage for a top quality. There are many ways of processing teas and some of them very complex. Long, for example, has ten different procedures required of our tea makers. The journey of a thousand sources begins with a single sip. For more details, please login MarginUp.

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     oolong tea oolong tea

Highly aromatic and flavorful, our oolong teas offer deep, rich flavor notes, excellently combining the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of black tea. Ti Kuan Yin, Da Hong Pao, Wenshan Baozhong, Huang Jin Gui, Fenghuang Milan, are some of the best styles of oolong teas.

Oolong Tea is helpful in dieting, antiaging, bringing high blood pressure down, improving immune competence, anti-heart-disease, prolonging your lifespan, metabolic stimulating attributes, etc.

The oolong tea we carry has broad tea leaves with the character of "green leaves with red rim" as the result of "frying" and "baking". To ensure a high quality customers can expect, all our oolong teas are hand fried with six staged processes in small batches during each stage. They can be infused 6-8 times. For more details ,contact us instantly.

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     pu erh tea pu erh tea

Pu-erh teas have a strong, earthy flavor and aroma with deep reddish color. The Pu-erh leaves are processed differently than green tea leaves. They are oxidized similar to an oolong tea, but not as long as black tea.
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     white tea white tea

White tea is a slightly fermented tea with its body covered with fluffy white hair, with its specail character——silvery hairs covered body, fresh aroma, mellow taste and brilliant yellow brew water s dry leaves have a silky texture from the fine white hairs that cover each shoot. When steeped, the budlets become revealed. The flavor is a bit sweet with floral frangrance and long lasting. The aftertaste is satisfying. A small handful (about 3-5grams) can be steeped three or four times for about five minutes with great taste.

High in antioxidants and low in caffeine, this is an excellent tea to drink late at night and throughout the day by those sensitive to caffeine. For more details ,contact us instantly.

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