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     About this company : We are a manufacturer , wholesaler and exporter of Photographic Development Material, which mainly specialized in both new and used minilabs of different brands (NORITSU, FUJI, AFGA, KONICA and so on ) of photo processing equipment ,such as the film sleeve loader paper magazines, ink-ribbons, leader cards, filters, splicing tapes, heater, accessories, gears, rollers, keyboards, lens electric circuits and so on. We have established friendly and close cooperation with many companies all over the world and gained high reputation from them because of our competitive price and in-time delivery. It is our great pleasure to build business relationship with you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

     Contact : Huang Zhiqun 
     Headquarters : Huamei Building B801, jinsha RD, Shantou, Guangdong, +86-0754, China
     Phone : 0754-8854936, Fax : 0754-8858955 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     inking ribbons inking ribbons

Inking Ribbons for Noritsu/ Fuji/ Konica/ Agfa
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     Automatic Film Sleeve Loader Automatic Film Sleeve Loader

Automatic Film Sleeve Loader( 自动底片装套机) )
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     belts belts

Belts ( 传动带) )
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FILTERS FOR Norisu/ Fuji/ Konica
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     keyboard overlay keyboard overlay

Keyboard Overlay (键盘膜) for Noritsu/ Fuji/ Konica/ Agfa)
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     leader leader

leader for NORISU/ fUJI/ KONICA ETC.
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     Nozzle Nozzle

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     paper magazines paper magazines

Paper magazines for NORITSU 2501. 2511. 2601. 2611. 3000. 3001. 3011 . 3021 NORITSU 3201 2901 NORITSU 2301. 2302 NORITSU 1201. 1701 FJUI330 340 FUJI 350. 355. 370 FUJI 250. 270. 258. 278 and so on.
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     Sheath Sheath

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