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     swish technologies 

     About this company : manufacturers of textile mill engineering product,electonics products,atomisers etc

     Contact : ratheesh raghavan, managing partner 
     Headquarters : 3/29.Nadar thottam, K.Vadamadurai.P.O, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641 017, India
     Phone : 0422 2647790, Fax : 0422 2643286 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Laxmi Solid State Electronic Ribbon Breaker  Laxmi Solid State Electronic Ribbon Breaker RB8701

Formation of ribbons or patterns on cones is a well-known phenomenon on the cone winding machines in the textile mills. Ribbon breaking is normally achieved by interrupting the electric supply of the drive motors. Electronic Ribbon Breakers, which are available in the market, have lost their advantage due to their frequent failures. Hence, what is needed today is an Electronic Ribbon Breaker, which performs without failure. Swish Laxmi RB 8701 Electronic Ribbon Breakers offers unmatched performance that is backed by more than a decade’s experience and development.

1. Fully Solid State –No wear and tear, no periodic maintenance
2. Phase matched switching leads to reduced motor current kicks and reduce temperature
3. Wide variations in Cycle/Min and OFF TIME possible
4. Current sensing type Single Phasing Preventer provides reliable guard for motor protection
5. Motors are protected against under voltage and over loads
6ponent life enhanced through special circuit design
7. Works over a wide supply voltage range
8. Trouble shooting by means of indicator lamps
9pact size and modular design
10. Backed by 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects

Technical Specifications Voltage : 380 – 440 V
3 phase Frequency : 50/60Hz
Load Current : 20A(RMS) Max.
Max Load : 2 Motors of 6 H.P. each.

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