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     About this company : sell all kind of chinese production!

     Contact : jerry king, sell chinese production 
     Headquarters : China Town 1st Room14722 Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350003, China
     Phone : +86-591-87827828, Fax : +86-591-87829068 
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     Ozone Detoxify Instrument Ozone Detoxify Instrument HY-2000

Working Principle: Ozone Instrument,new green product of high technique,Adopting nature air as raw material,produces high concentration of Ozone by means of discharge under High Frequency and high voltage,which is a strong oxidant with active chemistry.Under some concentration,Ozone can quickly kill bacterium in the water and atmosphere and is the world-famous efficient bacterium .

Latest digital technology,anti-jamming designed. High frequency,low consuming of electricity,absolute density of Ozone which is more safe and convenient for use. Cute appearance,and operate easily and neatly ; It can eliminate remain pesticide in vegetabloe and fruits ,serve you with "Green Food ".

Health Functions:
1. Detoxifing :Remaining agriculture chemical on fruits and vegetables do harm to people's health.By this machine,you can have green food .
2. Keeping fruit and vegetable fresh:Treated by ozone,fruit and vegetables are uneasy to putrefy and can be kept fresh longer.
3. Purifying water:This machine can eliminate peculiar smell and many kinds of impurities such as bacterium ,heavy metal ion,and etc.
4. Purifing air:Eliminate bacterium in the air and whitewash on the wall.So it can efficiently enhance respiratory system health,and prevent from germs infection.
5. Health protection:To bethe ,wash face and clear foot with Ozone,can rid epiphyte and cure dermatophytosis ,accelerate body's blood circulation and matabolismnd,obtain the effect of health protection.
6. Other funtions:Sterilize tablewares,baby's bottles,towels ,clothes;sterilize and eliminate foul smell in the refrigerator and lavatory .

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