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     Protecpac Far East Sdn. Bhd. 

     About this company : We specialise in developing and marketing cargo load securing products .These products are used to prevent damage to cargo loads during transportation . Our products include dunnage air bags, desiccant, polyester cord strapping & steel buckles, plastic slipsheet, plastic layer pads , plastic diveder sheets.

     Contact : Chew NM, Director 
     Headquarters : 18A, jalan Perda Barat, Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, 14000, Malaysia
     Phone : 604-5372388, Fax : 6045372388 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Desiccant Desiccant MD1000/2000

Desiccants are used to prevent water condensation which can damage cargos. Construction: Consist of natural clay with a small amount of added calcium chloride and packed in nonwoven bag . Specs: Adsorption capacity ( 30degC, 90%RH) - min. 50%. Features: Safe, effective, easy to use, Sizes & Packing: 1-kg bag - 16 bags/ctn; 2-kg bag - 8 bags/ctn; 60 ctns /pallet; FCL(20') - 20 pallets. MOQ: 5 pallets.
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     Plastic Slipsheet Plastic Slipsheet PS05

Slipsheets are used to replace pallets in the transportation of goods. Construction: Extruded from recycled HDPE. Specs: Thickness(mm)/Load Cap.(kg) 0.7 / 1000; 0.9 / 1250; 1.1 / 1500. Coeff. friction(rough side): 0.5+ Coeff. friction( smooth side): 0.2-0.3 Dimensions: Width: upto 2000mm; Length: any length. MOQ: 5000 pcs. Country of origin: Vietnam.
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     Polyester Cord Strapping Polyester Cord Strapping WPS05

Cord strappings are used to tie down cargo loads to prevent damage during transportation. Construction: Woven from high tenacity polyester filament yarn. Specs: 32mm width - 1350kg BS Features: Safe, strong, tough , weather resistant, fully recyclable,ideal replacement for steel strapping. Packing: 150m/coil; 6 coils/ctn. Accessories: Steel buckles, tensioner. MOQ: 20 ctns. Country of origin: Malaysia
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     WPP Dunnage Air Bag WPP Dunnage Air Bag WPP-PE-2L-1000D

Dunnage bags are used to brace and cushion cargo loads inside containers to prevent damage during transportation. Construction: Consist of an LDPE air bladder fitted with a reusable nipple valve and housed inside a tough wpp bag. Specs: Working pressure - upto 40kPa ( force is about 4 tonnes); Burst pressure - min. 120kPa. Features: Safe, easy to use, versatile, fully recyclable ,waterproof, strong & tough, Sizes & Packing: 90 x 120cm - 35pcs/ctn 90 x 180cm - 30 pcs/ctn 90 x 220cm - 25pcs/ctn FCL(20') - ctns MOQ: 50 ctns Country of origin: Vietnam
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