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Updated : June 20, 2011

MarginUp Privacy Policy

At MarginUp, we treat your privacy as one of our core business values.  We do not sell or reveal your personal information to any party for any purpose, except required by law.  This policy may be updated by MarginUp from time to time without notice to you.  You are fully responsibile for keeping updated with latest MarginUp privacy policy. Using MarginUp  sites or services automatically constitutes your acceptance of MarginUp privacy policy and user agreement.

1. Information We Collect and Use

·        MarginUp collects corporate and personal information when you register with MarginUp, when you become a MarginUp member, when you use a MarginUp site or service, to protect us against fraud and any criminal activity. 

·        MarginUp detects and records your IP address, the MarginUp cookie, to maintain the level of quality service we provide. 

·        MarginUp collects financial information to bill your use of our sites or services.

2. Information Disclosure

MarginUp does not sell or share your personal information with any party for any purpose, except required by law.  However, your corporate information including, but not limited to, company name, first name, last name, title, description, business type, addresses, phone, fax, URL, email, product/service images, product/service names, product/service models, product/service category, and product/service description will be displayed throughout the sites. 

3. Your Ability To Use Other Users’ Information  

You should not spam and spim (instant-messenger spam) other MarginUp users.  MarginUp has the right to remove all your listings, suspend or terminate your account, and refuse any of your current and future use of MarginUp sites or services, if through our investigation and in our sole discretion, you’re a repeat offender or have breached MarginUp privacy policy or user agreement. 

To facilitate the interaction among all MarginUp users, you agree to allow other MarginUp users use your corporate and personal information to contact you, with respect to products/services you offer through the sites.  

4. Manage Your Account and Password  

You are fully responsible for all activities taken under your MarginUp password and account.  You are advised to keep your password confidential and unknown to any third parties, and close your browser window each time when you finish using MarginUp sites or services. You agree to immediately notify MarginUp of any suspicious use of your MarginUp password or account, and change your password in your MarginUp account center. MarginUp will not and cannot be liable to you or any third party for any loss or damage caused by your failure to comply with this section or any malicious action taken out of our control.

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