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 Chinese yellow onionChinese yellow onionQingdao Goodluck Agriculture Co.,Ltd
 Chinese red onionChinese red onionQingdao Goodluck Agriculture Co.,Ltd
 Jumbo Lima BeansJumbo Lima BeansAlisur
 Black currant powderBlack currant powderDaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Co., Ltd
 potatopotatoNaushie Exports
 broccolibroccoliTianJin JinYang Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd
 oniononionTianJin JinYang Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd
 Jinta chiliJinta chiliQingdao Goodluck Agriculture Co.,Ltd
 American red chiliAmerican red chiliQingdao Goodluck Agriculture Co.,Ltd
 Chaotian chiliChaotian chiliQingdao Goodluck Agriculture Co.,Ltd
 Clove powderClove powderFUYANG GREENFOODS CO.,LTD.
 Cumin powderCumin powderFUYANG GREENFOODS CO.,LTD.
 Yidu chiliYidu chiliQingdao Goodluck Agriculture Co.,Ltd
 Cardsmon smomum powderCardsmon smomum powderFUYANG GREENFOODS CO.,LTD.
 ONIONSONIONSNaushie Exports
 Sarcocarp powderSarcocarp powderFUYANG GREENFOODS CO.,LTD.
 Star Aniseed powderStar Aniseed powderFUYANG GREENFOODS CO.,LTD.
 Dry GingerDry GingerNaushie Exports
 SpicesSpicesNaushie Exports
 Dehydrated CarrotDehydrated CarrotXingHua DongaoFood Co.,Ltd
 Tomato ColorTomato ColorDaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Co., Ltd
 Multiflavord powderMultiflavord powderFUYANG GREENFOODS CO.,LTD.
 Dehydrated GarlicDehydrated GarlicXingHua DongaoFood Co.,Ltd
 Elderberry powderElderberry powderDaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Co., Ltd
 Fresh CoconutsFresh CoconutsNaushie Exports

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