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MarginUp is a closely held company. Our experienced team is comprised of graduates from: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Our mission is to bring a global, affordable, real-time trade environment to worldwide trade companies, traders, trade brokers or agents, freight carriers, and storage companies.  MarginUp believes that you and your company need a “margin up” in today’s business world to better succeed.   MarginUp aims to help you achieve higher profit margins by:  

  • Offering an affordable advertising listing service for your products and services
  • Decreasing  your communication and telecommunication costs
  • Enabling an International Trade marketplace by building a global base of suppliers and buyers
  • Powering the Supply Chain Management (SCM) portal to let you exchange business documents with your trading partners electronicallyNew!

You are cordially invited to use our site and services as a way to advertise your company’s business, meet worldwide buyers and sellers, conduct trading with them, and to boost your profit margin.  Registration is free.  Please give us a try,  today. 

Thank you.

To marketing with us, please contact us at 

For support, please use


MarginUp headquarters:

15600 NE 8th St, Suite B1
Bellevue, WA 98008
Tel: (425) 736-8624

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