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     Pacmold Taiwan ( Mei-Li Mold Co., Ltd. ) 

     About this company : "Founded in 1986, Pacmold Taiwan (Mei-li mold Co., Ltd.) specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic molds. We offer OEM/ODM plastic mold design services. In 1988, we partnered with PacMold from the US to start expanding our overseas business. As a professional plastic mold company, we continue to grow and develop ourselves and start to expand our business overseas. OEM and ODM - Plastic Molding Design Projects are specialized in designing, manufacturing and manufacturing custom molds for plastic products. Product areas: automotive, power tools, household appliances, office furniture, and others. Hot runner system: HUSKY, MoldMaster, Incoe Component standard: HASCO, DME PacMold - your reliable and loyal mold/die maker Two cooperation options: 1. The mold is shipped to the customer for production (US or European mold standard) 2. The parts are shipped to the customer and the mold is kept with us (we are responsible for plastic injection)"

     Contact : Nick Chen, sales manager 
     Headquarters : No.16, Lane 24, Junan St. Shulin D, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 23865, Taiwan, Republic of China
     Phone : 886-2-26883210, Fax : 886-2-26896510 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Rearview Mirror Mold Rearview Mirror Mold

Rearview Mirror and A/C Controller Mold

Automotive Plastic Mold

Rearview and A/C controller have multiple lifters and run automatic.


Automotive parts are rigorously tested.

There is no defect in appearance, which is the user's first instinct for the product.

Therefore, the polishing process and surface process of our mold will take a lot of time.

It is worth mentioning that the mold must have long-life production conditions.

Because the mold design is approved by the customer must produce at least 500,000 to 2,000,000 good plastic parts that can be produced by molding, which is a very easy to implement design and fabrication condition for Pacmold.

The molds designed by Pacmold can also be customized according to the customer's production conditions, greatly increasing the production speed.

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