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     Hung Sen Fuh Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : Hung Sen Fuh ( HSF ) established in 1981, has 2 decades of experience in transfer printing foil / film production. From be an auto-part whole seller, and then become a plastic injection manufacturer; to present, be a transfer printing film producer. HSF has plentiful product know-how, experienced producer and innovator. We have confidence to be your best and reliable partner, assist you to win the business battle.

     Contact : Bella Pai, Sales Representative 
     Headquarters : No. 9, Alley 28, Fute Lane, Yungchu, Changhua County, Taiwan, 50345, Taiwan, Republic of China
     Phone : 886-4-7868298, Fax : 886-4-7864597 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Heat Transfer Printing Film Heat Transfer Printing Film

Heat Transfer printing is a well-known and most commonly applied technique in surface treatment technologies. The heat transfer printing process use heat and pressure to force film’s ink transfer onto the object's surface.


It can work on flat and smooth surface, and object texture can be either hard or soft material. This technology can be applied as fixed position printing such as logos on tooth brushes, or printed on wide and continuous surface, such as rolls of leather (continuous printing), and rolls of fabric (continuous printing).


Product Characteristics:

Suitable for decorations on any single angle, flat and smooth surface.

Fast processing speed, easy to apply; minimal labor cost, and compact design, for quick integration into any production line.

Lots of diverse patterns to choose from; either continuous or single color patterns, and can be customized to fit your product needs.

Can be applied on hard or soft surface materials.

Pattern width from 2 cm and 2000 cm


Machine Requirement:

Different materials and product shape requires different heat transfer printing equipment.

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