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     About this company : We are a Trading company based in The Germany and The Neitherlands. We retail most milk products from main suppliers in France, Germany, Holland and England. We provide direct logisitics to our clients worldwide. We are only open for long term cooperations and terms are negotiable based on order and market segment. We are now exporting for 9 years and have a large client base in most continents. Below are some of our products.

     Contact : Steve Jacob, Marketing manager 
     Headquarters : Kallenbegrstrasse 5, Essen, Nortwest, 45141, Germany
     Phone : +4915214659364, Fax : 0208118741 
     Email : Log on to trade instantly

     APTAMIL  APTAMIL Aptamil pronutra 1,2, 3


Aptamil milk powder for all stages.
Aptamil Milk Powder Aptamil pre mit pronutra anfangsmilch = 800g
Aptamil pronutra 1 milchnahrung = 800g
Aptamil 2 mit pronutra folgemilch = 800g
Aptamil 3 mit pronutra folgemilch = 800g
Milupa aptamil kindermilch 1+ = 600g
Milupa aptamil kindermilch 2+ = 600g
Minimum order: 2000 units by air.
Supply ability: 30000 units (mixture).
Delivery time: 3-5 days after payment confirmation (air freight).
Holle milk powder Holle bio-kindermilch 1= 600g
Holle bio-kindermilch 2= 600g
Holle bio-kindermilch 3= 600g
Holle bio-kindermilch 4= 600g

Cow & Gate Milk Powder

Cow and Gate first infant milk from newborn stage 1= 900g
Cow and Gate hungrier babies from newborn stage 2= 900g
Cow & Gate follow-on milk stage 3= 900g
Cow & Gate growing up milk for toddlers 1yr+= 900g
Cow & Gate growing up milk 2yr+= 800g

Hipp Milk Powder
Hipp organic first infant milk powder stage 1= 800g
Hipp organic hungry infant milk powder stage 2= 800g
Hipp organic follow on milk powder stage 3= 800g
Hipp organic growing up milk powder stage 4= 600g
Hipp organic first infant milk powder starter= 800g

Nutrilon Milk Powder

Nutrilon standard 1(geschikt vanaf de geboorte)= 850g
Nutrilon standaard 2 met pronutra(opvolgmelk)= 850g
Nutrilon standaard 3 met pronutra(opvolgmelk)= 850g
Nutrilon standaard 4(dreumesmelk met pronutra)= 800g
Nutrilon standaard 5(peutermelk)= 800g
Nutrilon pepti h.a. 1= 800g
Nutrilon pepti h.a. 2= 800g

Friso milk powder Friso 1 (800 gram)
Friso 2 (800 gram)
Friso 3 (700 gram)
Friso 4 (700 gram)
Friso 5 (700 gram)
Delivery time: 3-5 days after payment confirmation (air freight)
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Baby Aptamil, Nutrilon, Hipp, S26, Nido, Enfamil Karicare Baby Milk Powder



TEL/ +4915214659364

Kallenbegrstrasse 5
45141 Essen-Germany

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