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     Microsuper Tech Co.,Ltd 

     About this company : Microsuper Tech Co.,Ltd is established by Mr.J. Z who has got 10 years’ experience in industrial products research,and the vice president Ms.T.C. was majoring in Chemistry in university and got 8 years’ experience in industrial products international market. Customers said that a pure trading company will be better in service than a manufacturer,but trading company can not give a very professional technical support and a competitive price. As a manufacturer,Microsuper Tech not only offers competitive prices &professional technical support,but also satisfied you in service and after-sale warranty. Microsuper Tech treated every customer with our patience,kindness and consideration. We hope you to be with us in every step we moving forward.

     Contact : Tina Chen, Marketing director 
     Headquarters : No.685,Sanliqiao Road, Huzhou, Zhejiang, 313000, China
     Phone : 5722286269, Fax : 5722286269 
     Email : Log on to trade instantly

     SiC Heater SiC Heater MS-SIC

Silicon Carbide(SiC) resistant electrical heating elements(also called Silicon Carbide(SiC)heater or Silicon Carbide(SiC)tubular/rods)is used for industrial high temperature furnaces or laboratory muffle furnace/oven

Working temperature
up to 1400℃。The resistance is very important to elements life-time.

The resistance of the elements will change along with it�s application temperature,when below 800 degree C.,the resistance decrease when temperture increase;Wheras,>800 degree C.,the resistance increase along with the temperature increase.

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