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     Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd 

     About this company : Qingdao Unique New Material Co., Ltd is locating in Qingdao City,Shandong province, China, our company was founded in 2001. At the beginning of company setup, we introduced advanced transfer foil production and processing technology from Korea, and implement into the whole process, we develop quality management system and technological progress in order to promote the quality stability and improvement of transfer foil series products. Exquisite technology, high-quality management, advanced equipment, standard testing, high-quality service, our company has gained high reputation in Chinese domestic market. After familiar with existing technology, we are looking toward global market, our technicians take positive innovation, constantly seeking breakthrough in technology, and committed to the application of new technology, introducing new concepts for the development of transfer foil series products and our products have been developed in innovation, quality, technique, variety, which can satisfy surface decoration needs for different materials, shape and effects. Both the base membrane and the selected printing ink and the glue, etc. All the materials we used can pass the environmental testing from domestic or international testing organizations. The main products of our company are Wood grain transfer foil, Heat transfer foil for WPC wall pane, WPC transfer foil, floor transfer foil, skirting transfer foil, photoframe transfer foil, door frame transfer foil, wallboard transfer foil, MDF transfer foil, PVC panel transfer foil, transfer foil on the glass, marble foil, etcplete variety of specifications and patterns, our transfer foil can also be used for surface decoration of furniture, office stationery, photo frame, electrical appliances, glass, ceramics, clothing, cosmetics packaging, medical equipment, daily necessities, jewelry, lighters, chopsticks, toys, etc. The pattern effect after transfer is clear, colorful, strong adhesion. it's the best choice to improve the overall level and added value of your goods.

     Contact : mina huang, manager 
     Headquarters : Yangzhou West Road, Qingdao, Shandong, 266300, China
     Phone : 86-13963914608, Fax : 86-139-63914608 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Baseboard, skirting board transfer film Baseboard, skirting board transfer film

Baseboard transfer film, WPC transfer film, floor transfer film, skirting transfer film, photoframe transfer film, door frame transfer foil, wallboard transfer foil, MDF transfer foil, PVC panel transfer foil, transfer foil on the glass, marble foil The baseboard is special words for decoration. Concave line, waist line and skirting line play visual balance in bedroom design, using their linear feeling, material and color to echo each other, can play a beautify decoration effect. With the continuous development of the decoration industry, the decorative requirements of surface pattern for ornaments have rapidly increased, the traditional printing process, can not meet the new requirements of the decoration. And heat transfer film for baseboard becomes popular. This special printing, transfer printing foil is widely recognized and accepted, due to its simple, quick transfer stamping process, no pollution, good adhesion characteristics, special function baseboard transfer foil quickly became decoration material which widely used in decoration industry, the baseboard transfer foil has realistic wood sense, clear pattern, vivid, good corrosion resistance, simple process, high efficiency, market prospect is unlimited.
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