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     A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : A&S Conveyor Co., Ltd was founded in 2007. We specialized in solving industrial conveyor system problems, simplify processes, and save money for modern industrial world. We have own many channels to offer a broad range of superior conveyor and conveyor rollers. With profound knowledge base, experience and the prefect supply chain, we aim to serve End Users, System Integrators and OEM customers with a professional and reliable service. If you are looking for some help to fix your problems urgently, then you have come to the right place. Because we own the product lines almost including all international top brands. Here! You could find any suitable goods for various applications. Also we do assure that all our products are new in packing and original from factories of international top brands as well as there are 5 automation engineers who have been working in industrial automation for 7 years in our company, so you will experience the services that you could not image. We are pleasured to provide following international brands for industry all over the world: CONVEYOR : Habasit, Goodyear, Savatech, Garlock, Dunlop, MRF, Doner, Intralox, etc. CONVEYOR ROLLERS: Ashland, Interroll, Mathews, etc. Any model of products from the above brands you want to learn or seek for, please feel free to contact us and offer the part number. We are committed to long-term, win-win partnerships, so we will try our best to offer complete information and lower prices. Certainly anything you want to inquire will be highly appreciated. etc.

     Contact : Ford Wu, Sales 
     Headquarters : 2nd Floor, Xinhe Linghang building, X, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China
     Phone : 862861152008, Fax : 862886129221 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Agricultural conveyor  Agricultural conveyor

Agricultural conveyor
We can supply agricultural conveyor with brands of HONGKAI conveyor , Kinglandbelt conveyor , SOUTH conveyor , JUKI conveyor , etc

If you are interested in agricultural conveyor , please feel free to contact us and offer us the model number. We will try our utmost to offer you detailed information and our best price. Certainly anything you want to inquire will be highly appreciated.

we can also supply with belows:
2. toothed belt with brands of BANDO toothed Belt, MAEDLER toothed belt, OPTIBELT toothed belt, LIGHT-HOUSE toothed belt, LIBOSE toothed belt, PIX toothed belt, GATES toothed belt, MITSUBOSHI toothed belt, MISUMI toothed belt, HABASIT toothed belt, HYUNDAI toothed belt, etc
3. transmission belt with brands of CVT transmission belt, DAYCO transmission belt, Fenner transmission belt, Contitech transmission belt, Goodyear transmission belt, BANDO transmission belt, etc
4. motor pulley belt with brands of Maytag motor pulley belt, Cummins motor pulley belt, DAEWOO motor pulley belt, Sanyo motor pulley belt, SCHAEFFLER motor pulley belt, MITSUBISHI motor pulley belt, Optibelt motor pulley belt, Volvo motor pulley belt, ATLAS COPCO motor pulley belt, Sony motor pulley belt, etc
5. fan with brands of DAYCO fan , Honda fan , Jeep Cherokee fan , Cummins fan , Gates fan , Nissan fan , Mitsubishi fan , Universal fan ,etc
6. steel conveyor belt with brands of Dupont steel conveyor belt, MITSUBOSHI steel conveyor belt, etc
7. industrial belt with brands of DAYCO industrial belt, Jason industrial belt, Goodyear industrial belt, Gates industrial belt, etc
8. polyurethane with brands of Eagle polyurethane , BANDO polyurethane , Gates polyurethane , Megadyne polyurethane , HONGSBELT polyurethane , etc
9. mining conveyor belt with brands of GATES mining conveyor belt, BOCHUANG mining conveyor belt, ZHONGMEI mining conveyor belt
10. modular belt with brands of Habasit modular belt, KVP modular belt, etc
12. flat belt with brands of Habasit flat belt, MITSUBOSHI flat belt, SAMPLA flat belt, GEMETEL flat belt, Esband flat belt, BANDO flat belt, ESBAND flat belt, Yamaha flat belt, GOODYEAR flat belt, etc
13. The car belt with brands of GATES car belt, MITSUBOSHI car belt, BANDO car belt, CONTITEC car belt, HONG' SBELT car belt,Ever-Power car belt, Fenner car belt, GAIBI car belt,PIX car belt, MOUNTAINROPE car belt, MEGA MAX car belt, MISUMI car belt, etc
14. vee belt with brands of Fenner vee belt, Poly vee belt, MITSUBOSHI vee belt, OPTIBELT vee belt, BANDO vee belt, Optibelt vee belt, DONGIL vee belt, etc
15. serpentine belt with brands of Honda serpentine belt, NISSAN serpentine belt, ALTIMA serpentine belt, DAYCO serpentine belt, PT serpentine belt, Bando serpentine belt, Mercedes serpentine belt, Dodge serpentine belt, Goodyear serpentine belt, Jeep Cherokee serpentine belt, Cummins serpentine belt, Mazda serpentine belt, Nissan serpentine belt, Hyundai serpentine belt, etc
16. timing with brands of DAYCO timing , CRV timing , ISUZU RODEO timing , MITSUBOSHI timing , MXL timing , PT timing , SYNCHROFLEX timing , UNITTA timing , ISUZU RODEO timing , Odyssey timing , Bando timing , Daewoo timing , Dodge timing Neon timing , Kevlartiming , Ford timing ,Goodyear timing , Polyurethane timing , Kevlar timing , Contitech timing , Chrysler timing , Mazda timing , etc
17. rubber with brands of Gates rubber , Pioneer rubber , DONGIL rubber , MITSUBOSHI rubber , UNITTA rubber , GEMETEL rubber , Farman rubber , OPTIBELT rubber , GOODYEAR rubber , MOUNTAINROPE rubber , PIX rubber , etc

Address: 2nd Floor, Xinhe Linghang building, Xingsheng Road,Gaoxing District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China



Contact Person:Ford Wu

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