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     A&S Circuit Breakers Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : A&S Circuit s CO., LTD. was founded in 2008, which belongs to A&S Group. We have dedicated to providing automatic products, solution and components for industry for a long period. With the long term development of our company, we have consolidated this field, owning many channels to offer the complete series of s, switches, potentiometers, contactors, fuse. Also we would like to help customers work out automation solutions as required or needed. As professionals in all aspects of industrial circuit s, either in the technical aspect or from the perspective of supply chain management, we aim to serve End Users, System Integrators and OEM customers with a professional and reliable service. If you are looking for some help to fix your problems urgently, then you have come to the right place. Because we own the product lines almost including all international top brands. Here! You could find any suitable goods for various applications. Also we do assure that all our products are new in packing and original from factories of international top brands as well as there are 5 automation engineers who have been working in industrial automation for 7 years in our company, so you will experience the services that you could not image. We aim to help everyone in machine and industry field to be faster, higher and farther. We are pleasured to provide following international brands for industry all over the world: TERASAKI, Square D, Siemens, Merlin Gerin, QO, Areva, Sylvania. ABB, Westinghouse, Honeywell, Airpax, GE, Murray, Moeller, Federal, Schneider, Zinsco, ETA, Cutler Hammer, Alpha, Alps, Pec, Allen Bradley, Servo, Spectrol, Panasonic, Claro, Gibson, Tocos, Vishay, Clarostat, Marshall, Beckman, Bourns, Noble, Fader, Ibanez, Celesco, Omeg, Peavey, Midi, Smd, Ohmit, Sfernice, AB, Bias, Contelec, Megatron, Colvern, Voltronics, Murata, FSG, Iskra, Copal. Any model of products from the above brands you want to learn or seek for, please feel free to contact us and offer the part number. We will try our best to offer complete information and lower prices. Certainly anything you want to inquire will be highly appreciated.

     Contact : Karina Chen, Sales Representative 
     Headquarters : Xinhelinghang Building, Airport High, 2nd Floor, Xinhe Linghang building, Chengdu, Sichuan , 610041, China
     Phone : +86-28-65826124, Fax : +86-28-86129221 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Hager Air Circuit  Hager Air Circuit HWN316A

The Models of Hager Air Circuit A&S Circuit s CO.,LTD. supply: HWN308A, HWN310A, HWN312A, HWN316A, HWN408A, HWN410A, HWN412A, HWN416A, HWN308B, HWN310B, HWN312B, HWN316B, HWN408B, HWN410B, WN412B, HWN416B, HWN308C, HWN310C, HWN312C, HWN316C, HWN408C, HWN410C, HWN412C, HWN416C, HWN308D, HWN310D, HWN312D, HWN316D, HWN408D, HWN410D, HWN412D, HWN416D, HWN320A, HWN325A, HWN420A, HWN425A, HWS320B, HWS325B, HWS420B, HWS425B, HWN320C, HWN325C, HWN420C, HWN425C, HWS320D, HWS325D, HWS420D, HWS425D, HWN332A, HWN340A, HWN432A, HWN440A, HWP332B, HWP340B, HWP432B, HWP440B, HWN332C, HWN340C, HWN432C, HWN440C, HWP332D, HWP340D, HWP432D, HWP440D

The Types Of Circuit s A&S Circuit s CO.,LTD. Supply: MCB circuit , Miniature circuit , Air circuit , Electrical Circuit , Vacuum Circuit , Power Circuit , Moulded Case Circuit , Earth leakage Circuit , Residual Current Circuit , High Voltage Circuit , Medium Voltage Circuit , Low Voltage Circuit , Oil Circuit , Double Circuit , GFI Circuit , Ground Fault Circuit , Home Circuit , Double pole Circuit , 3 Pole Circuit , Thermal Circuit , AC Circuit , DC Circuit , Magnetic Circuit , Air conditioner circuit , Marine Circuit , Auto Circuit , Automotive Circuit , Car Circuit , Gas Circuit , Standard Circuit , Shunt Circuit , Transformer Circuit , Shunt Trip Circuit , Air Blast Circuit , Dryer Circuit , Thermal Magnetic Circuit , Switchgear Circuit , Electricity Circuit , Air Circuit , High Voltage Air Circuit , Low Voltage Air Circuit

A&S Circuit s CO.,LTD. Provides World Leading Circuit Brands As Followings: ABB Circuit , AEG Circuit , ACB Circuit , Airpax Circuit , Areva Circuit , Chint Circuit , Cutler-Hamme Circuit , DELIXI Circuit , Eaton Circuit , FUJI Circuit , GE Circuit , Hager Circuit , Heinemann Circuit , HIWAY Circuit , Honeywell Circuit , KACON Circuit , Klixon �Circuit , Legrand Circuit , Merlin Gerin Circuit , MITSUBISHI Circuit , Moeller Circuit , Murray Circuit , Omron Circuit , PANASONIC Circuit , QO Circuit , ROCKWELL Circuit , Schneider Circuit , Siemens Circuit , Square D Circuit , Sylvania Circuit , Shihlin Circuit , TECO Circuit , Terasaki Circuit , Westinghouse Circuit

Kindly contact us for more information.

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