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     AnHui HERO Electronic Sci& Tec Co., LTD. 

     About this company : Anhui HERO Electronic Science and technology Co., Ltd. the predecessor was founded in March 2001, which is set research and development, production, sales as one of the metalized film capacitor professional manufacturer, to focus on the development of new energy power electronic capacitors. In March 2014, Anhui HERO invests 10 million Yuan in Tangling Taxiing Industrial Park, which sets up a new production line of special power electronic capacitors. The introduction of various types of imported and automation equipment is respected in international industry, investing heavily in introduction of advanced testing and equipment, and constructing  product developing center, technology  research center and  laboratory testing center, to further improve the detection and  R & D capabilities.

     Contact : Aimee Zhang 
     Headquarters : No.1688, Taishan road north district, Tongling, Anhui, 244000, China
     Phone : 86-562-2827050, Fax : 86-562-2827058 
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     DC-Link capacitor DC-Link capacitor

DC capacitor support, also called the DC Link capacitor. Support dc capacitor, belongs to a kind of passive components. Dc capacitor support, is now mainly adopts the polypropylene film dielectric support dc capacitor, it has great resistance to high voltage, current, low impedance, low inductance, capacity, low loss, small leakage current, temperature performance is good, fast charging and discharging, long service life (100000 hours), safety explosion-proof good stability, nonpolar convenient installation. They are widely used in power electronics industry.
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