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     Evalcan machinery 

     About this company : bag packing machine cup filling machine bottle filling machine counting and packing machine

     Contact : Alex Ding, sales manager 
     Headquarters : Hangzhou, Yuhang, Zhejiang, 310000, China
     Phone : +86-571-86201053 , Fax : +96-871-89169002 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     RL420 Vertical FFS packing machine RL420 Vertical FFS packing machine RL420

RL420 Vertical FFS packing machine RL420

Fruit powder filling packing machine

Main performance and functional characteristics

1. Use screw machine to complete measuring, filling and nitrogen charging, suitable for fluid powder materials or those hard to flow.

2. Use servo system with the merits of high precision. stable performance and so on.

3. Stainless steel chute easy for cleaning.

4. Packing machine with safety protection, conform to film's safety management requires.

Suitable for automatic measuring of milk powder, amylum, protein, sauce and such powder materials.

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