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     Plate Top Limited 

     About this company : Plate-Top is a leading manufacturer of highly researching and producing Cantilever C cutting machines.Plate-Top brand was born in 2012 and is focused on the Cantilever C cutting machines field only. We named Plate-Top because this type of machines can place on the plate top to cut. In the domestic market, we have operated 5 years under the name of Beijing Jiaming Technology. By the end of 2011, we sold more than 6000 cantilever C cutting machines and around 2000 ones resold to the global market by OEM. With the higher quality request from the customers, we make the improvement of the machines--smoother operation, better quality, and more durable performance. To provide new advanced Cantilever C cutting machines continuously to our customers, Plate-Top has just begun.

     Contact : Davis Jin, Manager 
     Headquarters : 11-3-102 Shuangliu North Street, Beijing, 100000, China
     Phone : 86 10 57485000, Fax : 86 10 57485000 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Plate Top Portable CNC Cutting Machine Plate Top Portable CNC Cutting Machine Super A

Despite the structure changing, you may be assured Plate-Top quality is consistent.


supports both flame and plasma cutting. It can program to cut any parts of plane graphs making of straight lines and arcs, as large gantry cutting machine.

With the compact frame and light weight, it conveniently moves to anywhere compared with the heavy equipment. It is also accepted to program directly on the machine or transform program files with Auto CAD files on computer and transmit into the machine by USB.

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     Plate Top Portable CNC Cutting Machine Plate Top Portable CNC Cutting Machine Mini A

Spot the differences among the thousands of similar products.

Difference1: 4mm thickness material

Difference2: Genuine original parts, well-know brand


Portable and Lightweight, easy to move, indoor and outdoor
Support both plasma and flame
High precision:
Other functions: kerf compensation, returning to reference point, power-off and break point restoration, revolving, mirror image, Controller parameter backup function and diagnosis function. Free nesting software; make your working more convenient.

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